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Entry 107 - Bread & Foliage - March 20, 2022

I made a new bread model because I never liked the one I made quite a while ago.
Here's the old one:

> old ugly bread model

And this is the new one:

> amazing new bread model @ Sketchfab

Some UVs/normals look a bit broken on Sketchfab for some reason but no worries - it looks fine in-game!

Ground Foliage
I worked a lot on ground foliage which is automatically rendered by the game on the terrain depending on texture and altitude (and your settings - you can disable most of it for better performance). There's now underwater plant stuff for instance:

> Underwater ground foliage. Click for bigger version

Fallen leaves have been added to the jungle foliage. Moreover there are some new plant models (which are not part of the automatically rendered ground foliage but need to be placed either manually or by the procedual map generator).

> Jungle ground foliage. Click for bigger version

I still need to add more mossy stuff and trees with more lianas and climbing plants to make the jungle biome feel more like jungle.

Category Tabs
This is just a tiny detail but I'm now graying out item category tabs in the backpack (and other containers) if there are no items of that categeory. This can save the player a pointless click.

(the first tab is the "show all categories"-tab)


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