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Hi, this is the Stranded III development blog (see also Forum Thread, Comment Thread).

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Entry 11 - Menu, Console, U.S.G.N. & Compression - April 4, 2013

A mouse cursor and different wooden buttons have been added (graphics work in progress)

I also programmed a console now (unfinished, input is missing etc.). It's a bit more advanced than the consoles in my other games because it allows you to filter the console messages. For example by importance:
• message
• warning
• error
• critical error

It also shows how many messages of which type are currently in the console (see icons at bottom)

U.S.G.N. Connection
You may also have noticed that the website shows that I'm playing Stranded III from time to time. This means that the U.S.G.N. connection and communication already works. Servers are already added to the (still invisible) Stranded III serverlist as well.
I also worked a lot on underlying networking code.

Zlib Compression
Moreover I added a library for Zlib compression. This is used for map files (to make them smaller) and will also be used for various data transfers when playing online.


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