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Entry 113 - Lua Editor & Butterflies - July 30, 2023

Unity 2022 LTS & URP
I upgraded to Unity 2022 LTS and also wasted - once again - a lot of time trying to switch to URP. I gave up. Unity 2022 works fine but URP doesn't work the way I want it to work. It worked much better than in my last attempt(s) but I didn't get the lighting and some other things right. Also I would have to change a lot of stuff to make it work again. Not worth the effort. I still don't get why Unity decided to switch from one render pipeline to three. It makes everything more complicated and incompatible and is highly annoying. Also the "new" pipelines are STILL lacking some essential features.

Lua Script Editor
There's now an in-game Lua script editor which also features very basic syntax highlighting:

> The script editor

Unfortunately there's no syntax check. Anyone any idea how to achieve this with Moonsharp without actually running the script?

Also highlighting is far from perfect. Right now it only highlights known API tables and methods, comments and strings. It doesn't highlight user defined methods or variables. Performance also isn't very good for large scripts. So there's still a lot of room for improvements.

I made some butterflies! There are 5 different hand painted textures which are based on real butterflies. Then I was somewhat lazy and simply made some color variations of the existing textures to get even more butterflies. So in total there are currently 9 different butterflies!

> Colorful butterflies! Yay!


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