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Entry 115 - Dracaena & Lockpicking - April 7, 2024

I made 7 Dracaena variants. I hope they help me to make the jungle look more dense!

> Dracaena Variants

There will be some situations were you have to pick locks in the game. I now implemented UI for this. Picking locks works by entering the right sequence of left/right/up/down arrows. If you fail you have to start again from the beginning so it's also about remembering the sequence. Since the chance of hitting the right key is quite low when having 4 options I will probably limit it to just left/right in most cases. Otherwise it could be quite frustrating.

This gif only shows the shiny effect on the lock but there are some more animations. When you fail the lock will turn left and right a few times like head-shaking and if you succeed it will go up and down like it's nodding.

...and of course if I implement lockpicking there also needs to be some kind of lock you can pick. So I created a chest model. This one was much more work than expected and I'm not very happy with the result but that's okay.

> Chest

Note that the UV grid is slightly visible on the texture in this image. Of course it won't be visible later. Also I got lazy during UV mapping and didn't perfectly use all the space on the texture. Actually there are two quads in the seemingly empty area and I just don't know where these are on the 3D model and I didn't even bother to check because the whole unwrapping process took so much time already. I'm pretty sure they aren't visible anyway and could be removed from the mesh.

A nice little detail: The lid of the chest is a separate sub mesh so it can be rotated via script. This way I can actually open the lid once the chest has been opened.


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