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Entry 14 - C# & Scripted Editor - December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!
I was busy updating CS2D ( forum thread) but now I'm working on Stranded III again. This is another boring dev blog entry without fancy screenshots. Sorry for that but I wanted to show that I'm still alive and working on Stranded III.

C# is much better than Unityscript
I decided to rewrite the code to be 100% C# instead of using Unityscript (which is basically like Javascript). The advantage of this is that C# is much more strict which results in cleaner code which is less error-prone and easier to maintain. Most code (several thousand lines) has already been translated.

Scripted editor?
I didn't rewrite the editor code yet but I consider to script the editor (or at least parts of it) in Lua as well. The advantages of this are obvious: Users can easily implement awesome tools to make map editing more convenient.
I'm currently in a planning phase for this.

Dynamic item inventory images
I also had the idea to make the images for items in the inventory less static. Instead there will be a Lua function for each item which is used to draw the item. This allows you to create animated inventory items which can also look different depending on their attributes. You could make rotten meat look darker or green just to name one example (while using only one item type ["meat"] instead of two types ["meat" and "rotten meat"]).

I'm not 100% sure if Lua and the GUI functions of Unity 3D are fast enough to make this work as intended (there can be many items visible at the same time) but I'll try it and I think it would be pretty awesome especially because I didn't see animated and dynamic inventory item images in any other game yet.


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