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Entry 19 - Console - July 13, 2014

Signs of life
Oops! 123 days without update! I'm really sorry about that!
I'm working full time as software engineer since mid-April so it's hard to find time to work on the game and to post news about it. Development continues anyway!

Here's a little screenshot showing a depth of field effect (objects which are far away get blurred) which can be enabled in Stranded III:

I'm still working on "internal Engine stuff" so it's hard to show new things. I currently focus on the console and the Lua interface which will be used to script huge parts of the actual gameplay.

The updated console will have (and already has) the following sections:

• Standard Console
Shows messages and errors and allows to enter commands. Clicking error or warning messages leads you directly to the corresponding script/definition, opens it in the specified editor and scrolls to the right line.

• Network Console
Shows current connections, network activities and timeouts for connections.

• Definition Console
Shows a list of all definition categories (like objects, units, items, ...) and all definitions of a category when you click a category. When you click a definition you get more details about it. Also there are icons which show you warnings and errors in definitions so you can quickly find problems.
This is a huge improvement over Stranded II where you weren't able to directly inspect all the defined stuff.

• Instance Console
Basically the same as the definition console just for actual instances on the currently loaded map.

There will probably be a developer mode (command line parameter / menu setting) to enable/disable the definition and especially the instance consoles as it could be used for cheating (getting information about objects and where they currently are on the map).

That's it for now. I'll try to update the dev blog more frequently now but I can't promise anything!


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