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Entry 32 - Models: Axe & Hammer - October 28, 2015

I started modelling a hammer in one of the earlier dev blog entries and many of you didn't really like it. And I agree, it wasn't good and pretty unrealistic. Therefore I made a new one, actually using some reference pictures instead of imagination only.

The texture is not finished but here you go:

> click to enlarge

I also made an axe by simply deforming the hammer a bit:

> click to enlarge

The renders are from blender and I didn't bother about a cool setup so please ignore the glossiness etc.

Advanced Foliage Shader
I bought the Advanced Foliage Shader on the Unity Asset Store when it was on sale for a few dollars. I guess it's cool but I struggle with a proper setup and the creation of proper models. I recorded the interim results in a short video:



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