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Entry 44 - Simplifying Definitions, Starfish & Driftwood - May 29, 2016

Simplifying Definitions
Stranded III will have many items and objects and all of them need to be defined.
One basic thing which needs to be defined for nearly everything is a name. The actual name however won't be saved in the definition directly because it needs to be localized. Therefore the object definition will just contain a key to a localized string.

So the definition looks like:
define item apple {
     name = $item_apple

The $ denotes a reference to the localization key.
The English translation file contains a line which defines a value for this key:
item_apple = Apple

Can't we simplify this? We can. I made a simple change: The game will now by default search for TYPE_ID as name in the localized strings. In my example the type is item and the id is apple.
This way it won't be necessary anymore to put the name-line into the definition because the game will automatically look for item_apple as string for the name.
Of course you're still able to define a custom name but in most cases this change allows you to save one line in the definition. Hooray!

Only two simple models this time. The first one is a starfish (yes, I know - I should really use bump mapping for this one):

> click to enlarge

The second one is driftwood. Maybe I'll make a driftwood item and then you'll be able to make some special buildings from driftwood - or just burn it.

> click to enlarge

Fern Texture
I also worked a bit on the fern texture and made a video while doing so. Probably not super interesting but it implies how much work drawing such a texture can be.
> watch the fern texture video on YouTube


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