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Entry 5 - Definitions - November 17, 2012

Definitions are now working. At least the most basic stuff for definitions.



This code defines 2 palmtrees which can be placed in the editor. A short explanation:

object=identifier: Defines a new object. Note that Stranded III uses string identifiers which has a huge advantage because you don't have to remember numeric IDs anymore (the game still uses numbers as IDs internally for maximum speed)

name=name: The name for the object. This one is only used to display the object in the editor list. You will also be able to access this name with scripts. Moreover it will be possible to load this name from a language file so it is different depending on the used language.

model=model path: The model used for this object. This would normally be a path to a model file but Stranded III has some models included and baked into the binary file. Those can be accessed by using the res: prefix followed by the resource name.

Those are obviously just the very basic definitions which are required to define a new object. More definitions for size changing and scripts etc will be added.

I also already implemented some fancy functions for definitions. For example you will be able to define colors in many different ways:
color=#RRGGBB (HTML style hex color with 6 chars)
color=#RGB (HTML style hex color with 3 chars)
color=r,g,b (comma separated RGB values from 0-255)
color=keyword (HTML color keywords)

Here's a little scene with Unity3D lensflares and some free models from the Unity3D asset store:

Placing objects and loading and saving maps with objects is now working


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