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Entry 61 - UI Conversion, Hand Axe & Feather - February 13, 2017

UI to C# conversion progress
I made good progress with the conversion of the Stranded III UI system from Lua to C# (as mentioned in the previous blog entry).

√ finished / • nearly finished / × not started or very unfinished

√ Button
√ Icon button
√ Bar
√ Sprite
√ Label
√ Checkbox
√ Input
√ Context menus
√ Combobox
√ Optionbox
√ Slider
√ Listbox
• Tooltips
• Layout & window system
× Scrollbar
× Tabs
× Item Slots
× Drag & Drop

Now as the UI elements are programmed in C# instead of being scripted in Lua, I'll also expose a Lua API for them so you can very easily build your own custom menus.

Some new models
There's finally something visual again. Screw that broing chatter about weird code stuff, right?!

This is a raw and unfinished version of the basic shelter. It's one of the most primitive buildings in the game.
The shelter can be built quite quickly and it gives you a minimum protection from bad weather when sleeping.

> click to enlarge

It's a standalone building which means that it is not modular and can't be extended. At least that's the plan for now. I might change that later.

Hand Axe
Here's a real stone-age tool: The hand axe. It helps you to cut down trees. Of course it's pretty inefficient but still better than no tool at all.

> click to enlarge

I wanted to make the texture look like the stone was processed to make it sharper. This didn't work out well unfortunately but I guess it will do for now.

I also made a feather. Yes, I'm not kidding. It's just a feather and for my standards I went quite crazy with the poly count there...

> click to enlarge

Unfortuantely I made some mistakes when making it. For example I didn't plan ahead properly and first made the 3D model and afterwards painted the feather texture on the exported UV layout.
When drawing the texture however I decided to make it more pointy at the upper end which doesn't really match the mesh geometry.
Luckily it's not a huge problem as you probably won't notice this flaw in game.


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