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Entry 71 - Chicken - July 23, 2017

Chickens are great if you need eggs as food or feathers for your arrows! You could also just kill and eat them but who would do that?!
I made a video about making a chicken model:
> Chicken Modelling @ YouTube

And here's the textured chicken model:

> click to enlarge

After making the chicken I took the chicken model and simplified it a bit to get... a little chick

> click to enlarge

There are no plans to make adult and baby animals of each species - that would be too much work - but in some cases I might do so when it has an impact on game play. In this specific case the difference will be that chicken can give you eggs while chicks won't do so. They have to grow up first.
I also want to add a rooster later. Having at least one rooster and a chicken would allow you to breed new chicks for even more eggs. But same thing again: I'm not planning to make female and male animals of each species. Wild animals will probably just spawn - depending on some environmental conditions.


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