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Entry 74 - Mesh Decompose & Rooster - August 27, 2017

Mesh Decompose Algorithm
I wrote an algorithm which allows me to automatically split meshes. You just pass in a Unity game object and you get a list of new game objects as a result.
There are currently 3 different implementations:
• Split by material: Simply generate a new mesh for each used material in the input mesh. If the mesh has just one material nothing will happen.
• Split by connected triangles: The algorithm checks all triangles and sees if they are connected. All groups of triangles which are not connected with each other become a separate mesh. Different materials also become a new mesh.
• Split randomly: Works like connected triangle splitting but you can define a min/max range for the triangle count of the resulting meshes. This way you can get smaller pieces.

You can see the "split by connected triangles" mesh decomposition in the following video:
> Mesh Decompose @ YouTube

(and no, this is not exactly what cutting down a tree will look like. It's just a demonstration of the algorithm)

Since trunk and palm fronds have different materials, they are split anyway. The palm fronds however all have the same material. They are split because their triangles are not connected with each other.

The Chicken To Rooster Transformation
I used the chicken model as template for my new rooster model!
> Chicken To Rooster Transformation @ YouTube

Of course I also had to work on a new skin for the rooster.

> click to enlarge

If you take a careful look at the picture you might see that I applied some more slight changes to the mesh (tail feathers) after recording the video.


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