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Entry 63 - Fish - May 6, 2017

I didn't update the dev blog for 38 days and that's bad
But I have an excuse: I worked a lot on CS2D which is now on Steam Greenlight:

If you don't know CS2D: It's a free tactical top-down multiplayer shooter and working on it helped me to gather a lot of experience in multiplayer game programming. This knowledge will also help me to make Stranded III a better game.

You can learn more about CS2D at

Do you like CS2D AND have a Steam account? Then please vote for it on Steam Greenlight!

Anyway! There's also some Stranded III progress!

I spent some time making fish models/textures.

I already modeled the suregonfish earlier but now I finally painted a texture for it
> Surgeonfish @ Sketchfab

Missing Nemo? Here you go!
> Clownfish @ Sketchfab


> click to enlarge

Aaaand I also started working on a shark and made two videos.
The first video is about the modelling process in Blender:
> Shark Modelling @ YouTube
And the second video about painting the texture in Photosh.op on my Cintiq pen tablet:
> Shark Texture Painting @ YouTube


> click to enlarge

Note that after taking a look at some other references I decided to adjust the dorsal fin and some other details.
I didn't record these changes but you can see the changes on the model when you compare the models in both videos or take a look at the image above which shows the adjusted version.


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