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Entry 24 - Some Models - February 15, 2015

Some Models
I'm currently trying to get used to Blender which is probably the best but also most complex freeware 3D modelling software. I used Milkshape 3D for all the Stranded I and Stranded II models which is a really tiny and limited tool - at least when being compared to Blender.

Here are some simple items (screenshot taken in Unity editor):

The apples and the palm fronds (hand drawn textures) are more or less final. The textures for the twigs (little sticks with leaves), sticks and logs are placeholders and still need work.

I also experimented with normalmaps. I used to create normalmaps from a grayscale version of the log texture which led to better results than I expected. The dark tree rings at the ends of the logs are actually mainly caused by shadows casted by the bumpmap (they are much brighter in the diffuse texture).

Moreover I started working on a self-made hammer. Everyone who knows Stranded knows that this is one of the most crucial tools:

I made this in just a few minutes. It has no texture yet and it also needs some kind of rope or whatever so the stone doesn't come loose when using the hammer.


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